A treasure - Legendary Realtor

One of the highlights of coming to convention is to see all my Realtor friends from across the nation and learn about the great things they are doing in their communities. One of the absolutely AMAZING things I get to do is run into Washington State Realtors. My first question is: Do you know my mom, Beverly Prkacin Read? They always smile and warmly recount some story about how my mom has helped them. Kinda nice to know that my mom is a Legendary Realtor who not only helps her clients and the community but helps her fellow colleagues as well. Love you mom. --Dawn Lane

Leaving a place we called home for over 40 years

Beverly was the Realtor who marketed our home. When I was interviewing I didn't know which qualities would be the most important. But I do now. I can highly recommend Beverly because she is trustworthy, diligent, a pleasure to work with, very experienced in her profession and wise in her advice for the many decisions I had to make. Decisions resulting in an increased value of our real estate assets. - Carol Bremer

Preparing my mother's home

"Thank you Beverly. You made everything easier for us" - Tracy & Monica